Thothstudio Atelier

This is the "official" online teaching portal of Juan Martinez: Eventually, it will be a full Atelier style program where students will be able to interact with Juan at all levels of the program. There are now two major "how-to" courses or tutorials available on the platform.  Udemy is a site that features hundreds of courses and tutorials on numerous subjects and themes including art, design, coding, etc. Joining Udemy is free.

My tutorials so far are "Painting the Portrait in Oil" (formerly found on Vimeo) and "Better Pencil Drawing using the Bargue Course". Click here to go directly to the Portrait in Oil course, or here for the Bargue drawing course. 
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Also, you can visit my (slowly) growing YouTube page for some short video tutorials.

Workshops, Lectures, Demos — 2020

Regina, SK, Canada

Alla Prima Portrait painting

We'll try this again sometime soon.

Woodmore, Manitoba, Canada

June 5, 6, 7, 202-

Direct Portrait - Form painting

Mother of Pearl Studios of Art

If there is as merciful God in heaven, we'll do this in 2021!

I'll look forward to seeing you there.

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